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Fresh Farms Market has been a Grosse Pointe Institution since 1939. Learn more about us and our history below.

About us

     Fresh Farms Market is a full-service specialty market that caters to foodies and consumers who want the highest quality and freshness available. Whether you're selecting seafood, Angus beef, Provimi veal, Bell & Evans poultry, produce, prepared foods, or baked goods, you'll find it all up to the highest standards possible.

     Fresh Farms Market is famous for our brick-oven thin crust pizza. To make sure we got it right, we flew a New York pizza chef here to teach us the techniques and nuances of cooking real New York style pizza. Then we added the absolute best ingredients for our sauce, cheese and toppings. One bite and you'll agree, Farms Fresh Market has the best pizza in town!

     Owners, Larry and Steve Najjar are continually thinking of ways to improve your grocery shopping experience and the quality of goods you purchase — even if it costs them a few winks of sleep.

“We are always looking at how we can provide fresh foods, new products and personal service for our customers,” Larry said. “It just is who we are and what we do at Fresh Farms Market.” With this commitment to excellence in mind, the Najjar brothers work from before sunrise to well after sunset, seven days a week. They, and their staff, which has grown to over 60 employees, do so with three main goals in mind: Customer Convenience, Quality Service, and Natural, Fresh Products and Produce.


     Farms Market has been a Grosse Pointe institution since 1939. Originally opened by William Moir, it was considered a specialty store from the first day of operation, pampering its customers with home delivery service, house accounts, and a clerked service counter.

     In 1997, two generations later and many years after its opening, Steve and Larry Najjar scraped together all the money they could and purchased the market from Bill Moir Jr. Not long after, they changed the name to Fresh Farms Market.

     The name change was no accident, as the Najjar brothers wanted to emphasize their commitment to fresh products. They immediately began searching for vendors with the highest quality, freshest products available. From their first day of ownership, Steve and Larry were working toward remodeling the tired looking market. In 2006 their dream became a reality as F.H. Martin broke ground on the remodel the Najjar brothers had planned for many years.

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