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We supply you with the highest quality beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood. We also make our own sausages and have a large array of ready to cook specialty meals and marinated/seasoned meats. Please allow us to cut, trim, pound, slice, season and repackage anything you purchase. Learn more about our options below.


At Fresh Farm's Market, we seek out only the best products for our customers to enjoy. This includes our beef, which are Angus beef, Prime Grade, Wagu, Niman Ranch and Piedmontese. Now that's quality!


We always strive to provide the freshest sustainable seafood. We receive our seafood 6 days a week to guarantee freshness. All of our products meet the highest standard available including certified organic. NO seafood comes from China or Indonesia (guarantees quality and freshness).


We know the importance of bringing our customers the most natural poultry on the market. We have Organic Amish, Bell & Evans, Plainville, and Organic free-roam chicken, with no antibiotics, chlorine, growth hormones or stimulants. Now that's quality!


Our pork is all natural white marble farms and chairman's premium reserve ONLY. This means you are getting the most tender, best tasting and highest quality pork possible.


Our Lamb is only American sourced. Guaranteed to be fresh, tender, and flavorful. Let us season and marinate with our fresh herbs.

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